The battle for Allbright…

This week, our hearty band of adventurers, known as the Six Against the Impending Darkness, have discovered a hidden chamber. Previously, they were the Six Against the Void. Now they’ve stepped through a portal, forced to leave behind their valuable travelling companion, Xon of the Forest Gnomes. The party’s journey has lead them to an underground temple and lair. The large cavern is in the ruins of the Elven Crystal City, which lies below the Desert of Broken Glass. An event of epic and disastrous results in Celestial Magic have turned the once gleaming city into a wasteland. The featureless landscape is made of tiny grains of broken glass, in the land of Sinde, located in the Realms of Edeos.

The band of heroes walks into a large chamer, filled with the dead and petrified roots of some ancient tree. In the center of the cavern, they see a huge gem floading and glowing brightly. Allbright’s face appears in the glowing clouds which swirl inside the crystal. Its faces keep turning red… then green… then blue. The Elder Mage’s soul lies trapped within, but where his body can be found is anyone’s guess. An elven ghost stands near the gem. Six “Fury Spheres” float nearby. These are balls of lightning, with snaking tendrils of electricity. Tentacles shoot out from the etherial creatues, grasping the PCs, then pulling them in. These Fury Spheres also have a searchlight built in, so hiding in shadows just became much more difficult.

Merrick, after a short (and losing) mental contest with a sentient sword known as “The Sword that Dreams” uses its lightning power to blast apart the gem! This action may kill Allbright, and the rogue’s alignment drifts even further from Neutral…

BOTH Reina and Sandy score CRITS while trying to dispell magic on Allbright’s etherial form as it begins to drift away. Allbright now exists again… somewhere…

DM note: we’re not usually loud as players, but with two simultaneous d20 rolls happened, the party hooted in approval. The game store asked us to keep it down. We promised to behave, although it was pretty epic. Moving on…

The elven ghost cast a CELESTIAL MAGIC spell, and brought the tree roots to un-life. The party is now surrounded by fossilized zombie trees. Brand tried to blow up the ghost with a fireball, but it only made him teleport away. He is beginning to learn how to interrupt and reverse spells cast by other Celestial Mages. Shamash, the party’s only fighter, with his jumping ability, was able to strike at the lightning balls with his sword, even though they were 15 feet up in the air.

Where is Xon? The party’s go-to NPC will not come through the portal for another 12 hours. Will he be able to find the party? Or will he perish in the desert sands, waiting to be rescued?

Tune in next time, dear reader, so see what the fates have in store for our beloved party of heroes.

*This blog conveys the awesomely epic game of Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition that takes place at Get Your Game On in downtown Ann Arbor, the first and third Wednesday of each month. We use DrakenStone terrain pieces. Sorry, all 6 player seats are filled. Click the contact button to be added to the player’s waiting list, or stop in at the store to find another D&D group.


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